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Wedding Party

Christine Cossette

Maid of Honor

Friends for the last 14 years, Cal and Christine have

experienced all the fun things Chicago had to offer to a

young adult. Most likely to be seen laughing with Cal

about an inside joke (Margartiaville) or crying happy

tears before, during, and after the ceremony.

Fun Fact: Can do one of the best Cher impersonations on demand. "Do you believe in life after love?!"

Siobhan Scarfo


One of Cal's oldest friends, Sib and Cal met the

traditional way - in a hockey rink of course (IYKYK).

From group chats to sibling trips there was no doubt it

was a requirement Sib needed to be by Cal's side.

Fun Fact: Sometimes referred to as Nurse of Nashville. Known to have Advil, tissues, sunscreen on her at all times.

Tricia Bailey


Hailing all the way from LA (at the time), Cal and Tricia

became fast friends during their time when they were

launching Compass in Chicago. Blending professional

and personal lives, Tricia is always down for a laugh or

to go to Howl At The Moon from open to close.

Fun Fact: Will probably challenge you to a push up contest on the dance floor and will win.

Amber Ingram


Amber and Cal go way back to the time when Cal

thought she was capable of doing Crossfit and that was

absolutely not the case. Hilarious, outgoing and always

down for a good time, you can spot Amber on the dance

floor having the time of her life (she's the one talking

with her hands).

Fun Fact: Ask her to do her South Park skit. She'll know what it means.

Paulina Sekula


Paulina and Cal have been friends for over 7 years and

are most known for confusing their multiple friend

groups (all of which overlap) on how they know one

another. From supper club to working at the #1

Brokerage in the city, Paulina will be the one known for

giving you her business card on the dance floor.

Fun Fact: Ask her about her middle name or what her real estate marketing plan is for 2024.

Emily Gutermann


When Cal's brother, Connor brought Emily into the

Simon Family, Cal immediately found a friend and sister

in law in Emily. One of the biggest swifties and cat lovers

around, you can spot Emily sipping a dirty martini or

dancing the night away.

Fun Fact: Occasionally referred to as Em Dawg or Em Dawg Millionaire. Do not recommend challenging her on Taylor Swift. You will lose.

Amy Flashenberg


From family group chats to playing the candle game

during Hanukkah, Cal couldn't have gotten luckier in

the sister-in-law department. Standing just 5 feet tall and

12 inches shorter than her brother the second you see her

and Mike together you will know that the Flashenbergs

are in the house.

Fun Fact: Lives her life to the Frozen soundtrack and will also take you on in a battle of who knows Taylor Swift the best - do I sense a match up between Amy and Emily?...

Greg Boxer

Best Man

Greg and Flash found each other at the hockey rink

when they were 14 years old. While they grew up in the

same hometown, they went to rival high schools and

played against each other in hard fought battles. When

Greg moved to Chicago after college, he brought Flash

along for the ride and introduced him to the logistics

industry. Flash was honored to be the best man at

Greg's and Sara's wedding and the three have been

attached at the hip for a long time and is now Uncle Flash

to little baby G.

Fun Fact: Greg gave Flash his first concussion

Danny Gladstein

Best Man

Danny and Flash grew up together at the hockey rink. From the first

day they learned to play hockey together at age 5, the two of them

were inseparable . Danny quickly became a commemorative member

of the Flashenberg family spending many major holidays and family

vacations together. Flash also had the honor to be the best man in

Danny's wedding to his wife Ade. Danny is also the officiant for Cal

and Flash's wedding.

Fun Fact: Flash and Danny have called each other every Christmas morning for 30 years to discuss gift acquisition.

Chris Puderbaugh


From high school shenanigans to late-night college study sessions,

Chris and Flash have ben partners in crime through it all. Whether on

the ice together or cruising around the neighborhood, he's been like a

little brother to Flash. Even as roommates, they managed to survive

sharing a space without driving each other insane (mostly). Flash is

excited to have Chris standing by his side as he takes this next big


Fun Fact: Chris and Flash went to the Maldives together

Matt Mitchell


From slap shots to shots of bourbon, Matt has been Flash's go-to guy

for both hockey and hanging out. As the goalie of their high school

and college teams, Matt saved Flash's backside more times

than he can count. Their shared love for hockey bonds them, even if

we do have some friendly rivalry over their

favorite teams (LGRW). Matt's loyalty and humor make him

an invaluable friend, and Flash couldn't imagine

this day without him.

Fun Fact: Matt has once suited up for an ECHL game as an emergency back-up. It was the best on-ice performance of his career.

James Buttermore


From the office to the ice rink, James has been a constant in Flash's life

since our Coyote Logistics days in Chicago. Our shared passion for

golf led to a friendship that extended beyond the workplace, leading

to epic road trips to golf courses all over the country. Despite the

miles between Flash and James now, the friendship remains as strong

as ever. Whether they're reminiscing about the Chicago adventures or

planning the next golf outing, James will always be one of Flash's

closest friends and a cherished groomsman.

Fun Fact: James once saw Flash accidentally throw his putter 30 feet in the air into the middle of a pond during a round of golf.

Conrad Laskowski


Conrad brings the laughter and warmth to every family gathering,

and now he's bringing it to Flash's wedding party too. From holidays

to beach trips at Benoni Point, he's always been the life of the party.

Not to mention, he's an amazing dad to Flash's adorable nieces.

Having him as a groomsman feels like a natural fit, and Flash can't

wait to share this milestone with Conrad by Flash's side.

Fun Fact: Conrad is a faster runner than you.

Connor Simon


Connor's journey from being just the brother of Flash's fiancée to

becoming one of Flash's closest friends has been nothing short of

incredible. Whether they're hitting the golf course or reminiscing

about their Kiawah Island adventures, Connor is always up for a good

time. He may have started as family, but he's become a true brother

to Flash. Excited to have him on my team as we celebrate

this special day.

Fun Fact 1: I apparently forgot to post a fun fact about my future brother in law until 2 months before the wedding.

Fun Fact 2: Connor Simon is playing the best golf of his life, but hasn't posted a score to GHIN since November of 2023.

Greg Cohen


Greg wasn't just a teammate on the ice; he was a brother both on and

off the rink. Greg and Flash's bond strengthened during college,

where Greg would make the trek from Penn State to join in on the

escapades in DC. Whether they were hitting up Bar Louie before

Caps games or just hanging out, Greg's infectious laughter and zest

for life made every moment memorable. Though he's no longer with

us physically, Greg's spirit and friendship will always hold a special

place in Flash's heart, and he's honored to have Greg as a groomsman

in spirit.

Fun Fact: Greg wore an entire Boston Red Sox uniform to school when the Sox broke the curse of the Bambino.