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Callie and Michael

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You know how they say timing is everything? How sometimes the person that's meant for you has been in front of you the whole time? That's exactly how Flash and Cal's story unfolded.

Having both lived in Chicago for over a decade, they frequently found themselves in the same places at the same time, yet their paths never crossed until the Spring of 2021. It was then that they both decided to take a chance on the popular dating app, Hinge. After matching, they exchanged messages, mostly about which city had better sports teams (Boston Vs Detroit) and decided it was worth a meet up. They planned their first date for a Tuesday night, thinking it would just be one drink and a shared order of fries BUT it turned into closing down the bar as they realized they had even more in common than they thought, including sharing a birthday - just a day apart!

Flash forward (get it?) to meeting each others friends and families, Flash experiencing the joys of owning a dog for the first time (it was quite 'ruff'!), Cal learning how to load and empty the dishwasher correctly, they decided to move in with each other in the Summer of 2022. With everything being better than they could've imagined, they decided to plan two week trip to Italy for the Summer of 2023. Little to Cal's knowledge, Flash had big plans for their two week itinerary, including proposing to her on their first leg of the trip in Florence Italy.

They are so excited to be hosting all of their friends and family in a place that is special to The Flashenberg Family - St. Michaels, Maryland in August 2024.

DISCLAIMER: Lucy Goosey will not be making this trip but sends her best.