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The most convenient airport for our venue and St. Michaels is BWI (Baltimore/Washington International) Airport. We suggest

flying into BWI and either renting a car or arranging transportation to and from Baltimore to St. Michaels. (~60 min drive).

Where Should I Stay?

To fully experience everything the area has to offer, we suggest

staying in downtown St. Michaels, MD. Our "Accommodations" page features a range of options at different price points.

Complimentary transportation to and from the venue will be provided from downtown St. Michaels and Easton on the day of the


Will Transportation be provided day of?

Transportation will be available exclusively from two locations - one location in downtown St. Michaels and one location in

Easton. Please stay tuned for the updated transportation schedule as the event date approaches. Please note that there are no

Uber services in the St. Michaels area, so it's essential to use the provided transportation or opt to drive and park at our venue!

What is the dress code?

Get fancy with us! We would be delighted if our guests could join us in celebrating our special day in formal / black tie attire.

For gentlemen, this typically means a tuxedo or dark suit, while ladies are encouraged to wear elegant evening gowns or cocktail

dresses. Your adherence to the black-tie dress code is greatly appreciated, and we eagerly anticipate sharing this joyous occasion

with you.

Can I bring my kids?

As much as we love your entire family, this is an adult-only event. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Is there parking?

The Oaks Waterfront Inn has a huge parking lot to accommodate for our guests. If you are planning to indulge in some drinks

we recommend using our transportation services that will be offered from two locations - downtown St.Michaels and the

Fairfield Inn in Easton.

Where are you registered?

We are registered through Zola, Crate and Barrel, Williams & Sonoma and Pottery Barn. Check out our "Registry" tab at the top of this web page.